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Unbelievable Falls

The Lodge's most popular excursion is its 5-hour trek to Unbelievable Falls.

The hike takes you into the Pico Bonito National Park, one of Central America's most pristine jungles with over 270,000 acres of unexplored rainforest. Seven different ecosystems surround Pico Bonito and it is home to over 420 species of birds as well as jaguars, tapirs, deer, puma, white-faced and spider monkeys.

The hike's ultimate destination is Unbelievable Falls, a spectacular double drop waterfall that descends almost 100 feet into a huge and irresistible swimming hole.

At the waterfalls, guests looking for a refreshing dip can scurry up the rocks and swim in a pool between the two drops.

The recommended age for this activity is between 12 and 65, in good physical condition. The guides will modify the pace, length and difficulty of the hike depending on their best judgment and the request of the guests.

Guided rainforest hike to Unbelievable Falls - $30 per person

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